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Persecution of Atheists on Nitro Type by BadlyDrawnTurtle
Persecution of Atheists on Nitro Type
Atheists are still fighting for their rights. This is what happened after I got a warning that my username was ‘offensive’. Every comment on the subject is present in this collage.
In the end, the comments got deleted (I can understand that), my username was removed by an admin (completely uncalled for), and my account was banned from news comments (also completely uncalled for). Meanwhile, the children raised to take offense at the very thought that atheists exist get vindicated by an authority figure, and get to keep their names, some of which are far more offensive than a simple expression of faith (telling people you get to go to Heaven if you are Christian directly implies you go to Hell if you are not; threatening people with eternal torture is apparently perfectly acceptable in religious contexts.)
Note that there are Muslims on the site who occasionally express their faith (usually on a holiday), and are left alone.
It's a thing that happens. Actually, I just had it happen twice in a few minutes. Once was because a certain user insisted that a hookah isn't a drug delivery device, even though tobacco is a “recreational” (read dangerous) drug. Then it happened again when someone decided that it was the best way to “win” an argument. I can see it as a valid strategy, actually (as long as you're fine with being morally abhorrent); after all, the one who replies last is often considered the one who wins, regardless of what has been said. If you can prevent someone from replying, then you win by default.

Reply by BadlyDrawnTurtle
So, this is my reply. That “Word of God” link leads to this page.

I'm going to use this occurrence as a general springboard for an observation: Blocking, and by extension, any means of telling someone to “shut up”, tends to be used as a final means of defense when someone is losing an argument. Not many people will tell their opponent to “shut up” when they're winning. After all, if the opponent makes a fool of themselves, then all the better, right? It is only when they are losing that someone will not want their opponent to speak. It is a saving of face, or an attempt to turn a loss into a win, or whatever you wish to classify it as. It is also the most petulant, annoying thing in the world.

If I am winning an argument, there is a simple way to get me to stop replying: Admit that you are wrong. Of course if you keep posting comments defending a stupid position, I'll keep posting comments tearing your reasoning down. You can't say “Here's my argument, now don't you dare reply with your own.” That's not how discourse works. You don't get to decide when your opponent is done; if you want to stop, then you stop. Don't keep going and tell your opponent to stop; that is ridiculous, juvenile, and idiotic.

I feel a bit better, now.


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I'm an easily distracted human in his early 20's. Things I'm likely to post on here if I ever do something worth displaying include My Little Pony fan-art, badly drawn turtles, and abstract works.

If you try to contact me, but I fail to respond, it isn't because I'm ignoring you. I'm just busy. Or distracted. They're similar. Or I could be ignoring you; that's always a possibility, especially if I judge our conversation to have reached a dead end.

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